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Hartford Animal Hospital: (269) 621-4419

Arrow Pet Clinic: (269) 468-6017

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Not your ordinary vet

Emergency care

Laser surgery and therapy

Do you own a tropical bird or other exotic animal? We offer full veterinary care for extraordinary and unusual animals as well as basic furry friends.

Our doctor is available after hours for emergencies at Southwest Animal Emergency Center. With over 50 years of serving the area, your pet will be in the best hands.

Have your furry friend in less pain with our minimally invasive laser surgery and therapy. The goal of laser is to speed up the healing process and keep them comfortable.

Call us TODAY to book your appointment!

Hartford Animal Hospital: (269) 621-4419     Arrow Pet Clinic: (269) 468-6017

Dental care

Referrals and links

In-house laboratory

From cleaning to tooth extractions, we can help your pet have a healthy and clean mouth!

If your pet needs a specialist, surgical care, or care beyond our capabilities,  we can recommend the best.

From blood work to ultrasounds, we have the necessary tools to help your furry friend stay healthy.

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